114,677,616. This is the number of Coronavirus cases by February 28th, 2021. The Covid-19 virus has affected a total of 216 countries and territories across the globe. IT’S SCARY.

In this article, I will be going over yet another project that I have been working on. In this project, I use machine learning to create an ANN to predict whether or not one has Covid, The Flu, or a Cold.

Let’s do a little post-mortem…

First, we didn’t stop the spread early

Even though the pandemic is still underway, its catastrophic consequences have already been felt. We were not prepared…

Wow. How the world has evolved. In the year 1885, Karl Benz had invented the very first gas-powered car. This is where the evolution of cars started. Now we have gotten cars that run through electricity rather than gas, not to mention they are also self-driving cars. This car is the one and only Tesla. We have now accomplished this through the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Tesla has grown greatly as a company and its stocks have been growing. Well, through the power of AI we are able to predict their future stocks to know how well the company is…

Artificial Intelligence. These 2 words are the future of our world. The world of AI has been evolving and there is more to come. AI can cure diseases. It can allow computers to work faster. Cars can now drive by themselves. What’s next?

If you are a true lover of AI and have dove deep into the topic, you have probably heard of something called Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Before we look at this in-depth you need to know the use of ANN. It is a deep learning model that is used to replicate the way humans think and learn…

Artificial Intelligence and Brain-Computer Interfaces Working Together to Possibly Increase the Potential of the Brain

Imagine being able to control your phone just by thinking about swiping from screen to screen or opening an app. This can be done through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Brain Computing Interfaces (BCIs).

This concept is about combining AI and BCIs together and using it to maximize the potential of the human brain could allow anything from finding more innovative ways of solving diseases in the brain to allowing humans to read each other’s minds.

The brain works in a very unique way. It is filled with complications, but it is the foundation of everything we do…

Mysha Gilani

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